Office demo-Round 3

IMG_8265Making progress on the office! Floors are supposed to be put in tomorrow...we shall see, but no doubt the guys are working hard and we've come a long way in 1 week. IMG_8273 Several people have asked about where it attaches to the house. Here's a better idea..see that open storm dorm behind the pretty lady in hot pink?

And the window to the far right is new and makes all the difference in the space. It's almost like it should have been there the whole time...


Imagine a dark charcoal awning (with great looking iron favorite), a new paint job around the door, and stones or pavers leading up to the door... YAY FOR PROGRESS! Stay tuned. More coming soon.

_1 And here's one from our Halloween playdate last Saturday. It was rainy so we opted for Sarah's house over the pumpkin patch. If this doesn't brighten day nothing will. That peeeeeecock was hanging in there like a champ!