lately4Here are some recent shots from my desktop and camera. I tried to mix up work and life—just like my real life balance I guess. I had a hard time narrowing it down from the gazillion options....sure wish I had time to do this post every day. And I really wish I had time to post more of Calder lately. I have thousands of pictures I've never done anything with. I try to place a big print order every 4 months or so and store them all in albums (we help keep shutterfly in business). It's so easy to forget to PRINT in this digital world—but I do hope that print will always win.


Calder is 22 months and growing like a weed. Gosh, she's fun. I rocked her to bed tonight and got so sentimental (and saaaad) about how fast time is going by. I'm trying to soak in every minute with her while maintaining a busy work schedule, which can be challenging to say the least. BUT, we're making it work and I love our schedule right now. She goes to MDO 4 days a week from 9-1. I cherish our mornings together and that's "our time" until she runs to the door with her backpack saying "schoooo, schoooo!!" She loves it which makes it a lot easier! From 9-1, I either have work appointments or work from home. It's amazing what you can get done in such a short time, when every minute is intentional and time can't be wasted.


I pick her up a little before 1, and we come home and have lunch. She rarely eats her lunch at school, so we make grilled cheeses and eat together everyday. From 1-2, we play together, usually outside, especially on these beautiful fall days! I love that time with her so much. She usually naps from 2-4ish (thankfully the girl loves her sleep), so that's my crunch time in the office working on deadlines and projects. When she wakes up, my work is over until she goes to sleep. Oh yes, sometimes I do have to work after 8 in order to make deadlines, BUT I wouldn't give up my day and mommy time for anything. It's a crazy schedule I know, but it works for us. Bruner goes to bed early and wakes up at the crack of dawn, so usually when he goes to sleep (8:30-9) I put in a few more hours if I have to. Not always, but I won't lie, I work a lot...but I get my time with my c-bear too, which is the most important thing to me.


Whew, sorry about that schedule info overload!


I will say that one of the MANY things I've learned since becoming a mother, is that there are MANY different ways to do everything and none of them are better than the other. Every situation is unique, and you just do what you have to do to make it work for your family. I've learned so much from other moms about scheduling and prioritizing. Believe me, our journey has been a trial and error process—and we don't have all the answers, that's for sure. But, I wanted to share this in case it helps any working moms out there. It's not easy finding a balance, but I do think you can make it work. I'm very thankful I'm passionate about what I do and love graphic design and everything that comes with it.


Of course, a few years down the road, things could be different and what works now won't work then. Schedules will change and life you have to change with it. But, I'm constantly reminding myself to soak these moments in. They are precious and time is flying by—so the focus has to be on what matters.