Hadley Binion Designs is passionate about branding. When it comes to design, there’s nothing I enjoy more than creating a custom, meaningful brand from the ground up. I’ve designed logos and branding boards for years, and one of the main lessons I’ve learned is that the branding process doesn’t just take place on the surface. In order to be successful, branding must go much deeper than that.

Because a logo design represents the personality and identity of the client, creating an impressive first impression is important. That’s why I believe there’s hardly a better investment a business can make than proper branding. Too many businesses give little thought, time or money to the best way to brand their company. They’re willing to spend substantially on advertising and other areas, but without this foundational piece, they’re not always as successful as they could be.

BRANDING is the foundation on which everything else is built upon. Once you get your branding right, everything else falls into place.


To create an authentic, successful brand, clients have to do some work as well. I ask all of my clients to provide as much information as possible about their company. I want to know what drives them, what their long term goals are, what their big dreams are, and most importantly—what matters most to them in the end.

All print design, web design and social media marketing should be cohesive and speak the same language, and that’s where I come in. I’ll pull together all the business media platforms as seamlessly as possible so that they work smoothly every single day.

In the end, I want to design brands that bring meaning and joy to my clients, and ultimately, to their customers. When this occurs, businesses will grow.