Pandora Faves

I love listening to music while I work. Right now, I'm working on a new branding project and was in a design daze ... and then this song played on my Pandora "Allison Krauss" station. I had to look it up on youtube and am playing it over and over again as I work. Not crazy about the cheesy nature shots (this was the only version I could find) ... but the message was too good not to share.

And oh how I LOVE Allison Krauss. Her voice brings me back to childhood and has always been one of my favorites. Yep, this song and this song (plus a few dozen more) make me happy and take me back home.

And while I'm typing this, this James Taylor fave started playing on the same pandora station.

It's gonna be a good day. Now back to work...

Musical Therapy

I never (or very rarely) blog about music bands...but I'm a HUGE music junkie and anyone who knows me well, knows this to be true. We went to a concert last night on a whim (last minute bday gift for Bruner) and I can't tell you how freaking awesome Shovels & Rope and Shakey Graves were. I'd bet that in less than 5 years, neither one of these bands will be playing in a small music hall in Mobile, AL and we'll tell everyone about the time we stood a few feet away from them at the Alabama Music Box. -1 Last night's concert seemed to take me back in time for a while. It took me HOME. Back to Chattanooga. This kinda bluegrass/folk/country music is what I love. It's what makes me dance and sing, even though I'm pretty terrible at both. It reminded me of my childhood, the carefree high school days and the beautiful Tennessee mountain land. I felt like I was back in Monteagle swinging on the Wayside porch with my best friends from college. It reminded me of the Mississippi Delta and road trips back to Oxford. It took me back to the good ole days: when it was better to have the windows rolled down than the AC cranked up ... when dinner was cooked for you and we had no real worries at all.

I first discovered Shovels & Rope in 2012, when I read this article in Garden & Gun. See this previous post: Shovels & Rope in 2012. I immediately fell in love their music and their story too. I'm a sucker for a harmonica. Always have been. Always will be. "Lay Low" is my favorite song they sing. I was so bummed they didn't play it other night. Don't think I wasn't requesting it from the front row :)

Shakey Graves is a new fav for this household's pandora station.

I hope this the first of many posts featuring different musicians I love. Oh the ideas I have for this blog are endless. Too bad about 90% of those ideas are never implemented. What I'd give for some free time!