Pandora Faves

I love listening to music while I work. Right now, I'm working on a new branding project and was in a design daze ... and then this song played on my Pandora "Allison Krauss" station. I had to look it up on youtube and am playing it over and over again as I work. Not crazy about the cheesy nature shots (this was the only version I could find) ... but the message was too good not to share.

And oh how I LOVE Allison Krauss. Her voice brings me back to childhood and has always been one of my favorites. Yep, this song and this song (plus a few dozen more) make me happy and take me back home.

And while I'm typing this, this James Taylor fave started playing on the same pandora station.

It's gonna be a good day. Now back to work...

Super Commercials

I love me some Super Bowl Commercials. Last year, I found some great inspiration for this commercial I produced for Roberts Brothers, during the Super Bowl ads. I cannot believe that was one year ago. Any favorites here? How can you not get goosebumps watching any commercial honoring our troops, like the Budweiser "A Hero's Welcome" ad?

I liked the Chobani Bear commercial..but was it just the good Bob Dylan song choice? Not sure, but I like it regardless. I also thought the RadioShack ad was pretty clever and funny, given that their name has "Radio" in it. And maybe I'm just a bit emotional tonight, but the "Long Live Dreams" ad from AmFam got my attention. My husband loves Stephen Colbert, so I'll have to mention this commercial too. And I'll end with Coca-cola's "It's Beautiful" commercial...not everyone speaks english, alright?

But, I must admit, I have yet to watch them all! :)