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2015 ADDY Awards

First of all, I can't believe it's taken me over a month to share this exciting news. I've been in babyland for 5 weeks now and am just now coming up for air. That being said, it's weird typing on a keyboard again and trying to come up with words that make sense. My brain is mush, so please bare with me. I had to miss the ADDY Awards ceremony this year because I was literally giving birth to our son when the event took place. I know that's a terrible excuse, but it's all I got.

That being said, I am so excited to be included in the 2015 ADDY Winner's Reel. View the video below.

What an honor it was to receive two American Advertising Awards this year: A Gold ADDY for the Local Goodness Farm-to-Table campaign for USA Children's and Women's Hospital and a Silver ADDY for the "Mind, Body, Spirit Campaign" for UMS-Wright Preparatory School. What a treat it was just to work with these wonderful clients. I poured my heart and soul into both of these projects, and am so proud of how they turned out.

Click here for more details on the Local Goodness Farm-to-Table campaign for USA Children's and Women's Hospital.

Read my previous post about this project here.

And I'm thrilled that we received a Silver ADDY for the "Mind, Body, Spirit Campaign" for UMS-Wright Preparatory School. View the videos below or on the UMS-Wright website. A huge thanks to the AMAZING and TALENTED Cari Searcy with All Good Creatives. Without her, none of this would have been possible. We tried our best to capture the heart, soul and spirit of this wonderful school (which is not an easy task to do in 60 seconds), and I'm so proud of how it turned out. We absolutely LOVED working with the fabulous team at UMS. Seriously one of the most fun projects I've ever been a part of...belly laughs every day.

Read more details from my previous post.(Can you tell I want you to read my previous posts when I had more of a brain?!)

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And finally, here is my post from last year's ADDY Awards. This is one of my favorite posts on this blog so far because I focused on what really matters when it comes to my career, what awards like this really mean to me, and what it took for me to get here in the first place. I wish I had time to reflect more on this, but since my feelings really haven't changed since last year, this post is still so true and real today.

I'm loving this time with my babies right now (kissing those chubby cheeks never gets old), but I'm also looking forward to returning back to work in May. Adjusting to TWO kiddos is pretty much what I expected (and much more!) — definitely double the work and double the fun. And I repeat, double the work. I'm trying to soak in every moment because they really grow up too fast. I could cry (and do often) just thinking about it. I'm grateful to work with such wonderful people and that I love what I do. So much to be grateful for...God is so good.

New Branding: Local Goodness

HadleyBinionDesigns_LGThe University of South Alabama Children’s & Women’s Hospital hosted Local Goodness, a unique farm to table event last Sunday. It was a HUGE success, and I was truly honored to do the branding for Local Goodness and all of the design work for this event. Beth, Liz, Kristen, Abby and the entire committee were a dream to work with and we had so much fun coming up with these designs for the 1st Annual event. Given the enormous success of the event—I bet this will the first of many for Local Goodness!


The event was sponsored by Hancock Bank, and guests dined on local meats, seafood and produce as they enjoyed authentic bluegrass music performed by local band Fat Man Squeeze.Because of the rain, the event was moved from the USA Children's and Women's Hospital Park to the Cruise Terminal. The committee did a fabulous job of bringing the park inside and the decorations really helped make this such a successful evening.

Local Goodness will help raise funds to redesign the Evaluation Center, the emergency department that sees over 35,000 patients annually, almost 90% of them children. Local Goodness will pay tribute to local cuisine, art and music while raising awareness and support for the hospital’s mission of providing the highest quality healthcare for the children and women in this region. HBD_program

I thought I'd share these sweet words from Beth Mattei, Director of Development at USA Children's and Women's Hospital. I've been terrible about updating my website (need to that soon!) but I'll add this testimonial here for now. And thanks Beth, the feeling is mutual. Local Goodness and USA Children's and Women's Hospital are beyond blessed to have YOU!

"From the moment we first met with Hadley, it was clear that she was the perfect person to create the look we wanted for our first ever signature event. Local Goodness has been a dream for a long time and she helped bring it to life. In the fundraising world, first impressions are everything. Hadley created a logo and invitation that perfectly set the tone for what this event is all about. She was able to work within a really tight deadline and still deliver a well thought out, original design. Local Goodness is a celebration of all things "local" and what a true local talent we have with Hadley."

IMG_9624 IMG_9626 It was everything we hoped for and more. Good food. Good music. Good people and all for Good cause. IMG_9295 Click here to learn more about the University of South Alabama Children’s & Women’s Hospital. What a treasure we have in Mobile, AL and what a special event this was to be a part of!

Local Goodness: Sneak peek

farmtotableI just finished the branding, invitation set and print ads for this Farm-to-Table event, hosted by Local Goodness. All proceeds benefit the USA Women's & Children's Hospital. Despite the time crunch, this has been one of my very favorite projects. Over 1,500 invitation sets were mailed out today! Wait until you see the final product...EACH invitation set was hand wrapped with red and white twine, and a custom designed seed packet (filled with basil seeds) was tied to the top as a favor. The "real" favor will be given to each guest at the event. The seed packets were hand stamped and read "Plant seeds of GOODNESS." More pics coming soon.... What a special event this will be—and all for a great (I mean, GOOD) cause. My job's not over yet...billboards, tickets, menus and many other items to come. Stay tuned for more details.