Gone Huntin'

IMG_9017What a fun Saturday hunt we had. There's something about being away in the woods—away from it all— that truly soothes your soul. We need more peaceful days like this in our lives. We need more time to sit back and enjoy the little things, because of course we learn that they are the big things.IMG_9019

IMG_9003 Pretty sure my black jeans scared all the deer away—or maybe it was a screaming two year old in a nearby tree stand—but regardless of the intensity of the hunt, we did see a bunch of deer. Most of them weren't phased a bit by Calder's loud "outdoor voice" and insistent clapping. Man I tell you what, those deer are dumber than you think.

Should've worn my "real" hunting boots that Mack gave me at our rehearsal dinner (true story)...but I couldn't find them as we were running out the door. Turns out they were in the attic. Go figure! Needless to say, Bruner was back in crocs during our lunch break. The man and his crocs don't part for long. IMG_9032 No words can explain how much I love these two shots IMG_9034 IMG_9011 IMG_9000 Mack-daddy surprised Calder her own camo chair for her first hunt. We are so thankful for these two, and Calder is one loved and lucky grandchild that's for sure. IMG_9008 IMG_8161 IMG_9023 Calder was fascinated with everything about it...the dirt, the sticks, the muuuud! Although she likes her baby dolls (we had to bring their bottles with us), she'd prefer mud puddles to jump in or a football to throw, over those dolls ANY day. We have a little tomboy on our hands...which is exactly how I was at her age. IMG_9018 IMG_9002 Real men carry this and wear that people. IMG_9038 This is safe, right? IMG_9045 IMG_9048

And this is where the loud screams were coming from...but the deer just sat there and did their thing.