IMG_0022 Calder and I were saying our prayers the other night and while we were praying for our family members, I started thinking about how special it would be if she could see and point to each person as we prayed. It was one of those sweet nights...and believe me not all are! She spends a lot of time staring at these walls, so why not fill them with happy memories and people she loves. That's far more meaningful than a print or painting could be.

Yeah I know, I'm a huge dork, but I'm pretty proud of this last minute creation. I duck taped 2 foam poster boards together, wrapped the fabric around it (note: this was a curtain from Walmart that I had in college), added the nail heads and drilled a little hole in the back for hanging...and wholla! Here you have...Calder's bulletin board! Yes, it's rigged and took less than 30 minutes, but Calder LOVES it and it makes our prayer time that much more special. Plus it makes my heart happy to know our fam is close by all the time. IMG_9991 It's hard believe she was ever this small. cbearandme IMG_9998 I filled another wall with her artwork. She makes something new at school every day, and as soon as she gets home we run into her room, grab some tape, and she proudly hangs it herself. I love that these are such great ways to teach her too. I absolutely LOVE this age. I think it's my favorite age so far (I've said that about each age). The terrible twos are not terrible...yeah we've had more tantrums and potty training has been challenging, but she's SO FUN and my best liI girlfriend. IMG_0060 I may have blogged about many artists over the years, but never have I seen THIS kind of talent. Calder Binion is my favorite artist of all time!

IMG_0067 And I'll end with these PRECIOUS pics of Calder and her sweet friend William. These two had a blast playing the other night and are too cute for words. IMG_9867 IMG_9868 IMG_9898 IMG_9859