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Sarah Otts Paintings

Bio pic_ (3)Just finished updating the oh-so talented and beautiful Sarah Otts' website. Check out the new online store! Her work continues to amaze me.... galleries BIO PIC _ (1)   Free Style (reworked) 36x36 Pieces and Parts 36X36

So, so thankful for Sarah and our friendship. Here we are at the beach a few weeks ago. Love these two mamas (and their precious kiddos) so much.

photo 4


Click here and PIN away..

Photos of Sarah by the talented Janie Long Photography


New Website: PH Company

phweb-2It's been an EXCITING day around here. The PH Building and Design Company's NEW WEBSITE just LAUNCHED!  Go grab a drink, sit back and stay for a while. Believe me, you'll be glad you did. Their portfolio is truly inspiring and absolutely stunning.

Of course I love everything about their style and work. Who wouldn't? And I honestly can't say enough about Perry and Peyton too. Make sure to read their About page. Not many spouses could work together every day—but these two do it with such ease and grace. Simply put: Perry was born to design. Peyton was born to build. And they were meant to share their passions together. Perry and Peyton make a great team as husband and wife, parents to Julia, Haas and Henry, and as business partners. In Peyton’s words: “I enjoy working with Perry and bouncing ideas off each other. It actually is fun. I think we are a good mix of form and function.” And in Perry's words: "I love working with Peyton. It has been the biggest blessing. I think we make a great team — each bringing our own perspective, but have enough in common that it runs smoothly. I can honestly say that we almost never bicker over a job.”

It's true. They're the complete package—so genuine and kind and ridiculously talented. Oh, and they aren't terrible to look at either.

phwebhome Thanks Chad Riley Photography for capturing their work so beautifully and to Victoria Austin Designs for your programming help and designer's touch. It's always so refreshing to work with other designers, and Victoria reminds me of myself five years ago. She's super busy building her wedding invitation business and loving every minute of it...despite the crazy hours and countless headaches that comes with it. I love her clean and simple style. Check out her website here.

PH1 Here's some more eye candy...

Chad_Riley_Photography-6549-copy-copy Chad_Riley_Photography-6551-copy-copy HOME_102 HOME_104

Chad_Riley_Photography-8786 HOME_105 Chad_Riley_Photography-9062-copy main Chad_Riley_Photography-8951 Chad_Riley_Photography-8962-2 Chad_Riley_Photography-8975 www.phbuildingdesign.com

PH Company

PHHot couple alert! Perry (left) and Peyton Harvill sure do make one good-looking pair. New website for the PH Company coming soon! Here's a sneak peek of their work. I've been drooling all day long...


Chad_Riley_Photography-6551(1) Chad_Riley_Photography-8951 Chad_Riley_Photography-8625 Chad_Riley_Photography-6700Chad_Riley_Photography-8786

Stay tuned. This might be my favorite website yet.

Photos by Chad Riley Photography


Caroline Ceramics

CC_shoponlineblog I can't tell you how much I LOVE this girl and her beautiful pottery. We've been working on her new marketing material so stay tuned...fabulous, round letterpress business cards, postcards and new stationery system coming soon. Here's a repost from my old blog about her recent branding, website design, and her NEW ONLINE SHOP!

CarolineCeramics_Branding2 The new Caroline Ceramics website is live! This was a true labor of love, and we so worked hard to make sure this site was everything it needed it be, including an online shop and blog. I can't tell you how much I love this girl, and it thrills me to see her beautiful work come alive on the site. The site design and branding is so Caroline, and that's what matters most in the end. CAROLINE2_NEW DSC_2606

Check out Caroline's new site and buy her work online from her NEW ONLINE SHOP. Caroline is the complete package. Her work is so original and beautiful, just like her sweet little self!

Sarah Otts Paintings

sarahotts There's nothing I love more than helping talented, aspiring artists' businesses grow. I find it a true honor to work for every single one of my clients, but there's something especially special when that client is one of your best friends too. I just love Sarah Otts AND her paintings. Her work is amazing—there's no other way to put it. I have two of her paintings in our home, and I'm telling you, each one of them makes the entire room. Our kitchen and living room wouldn't be same without Sarah's artistic touch. Seriously, investing in her art is worth every single penny in my opinion! I can say that with 100% honestly, but let me remind you, mine were all 100% barters...lucky me for sure!

253598_414377241991262_475195052_n IMG_3923

EXCITING NEWS! We just launched her ONLINE SHOP and revamped her website! You can now buy her paintings anywhere, anytime, which is HUGE!!! Check it out! Isn't she fabulous?? Screen-shot-2013-10-14-at-11.18.13-AM


62716_408995632529423_1129965062_n And bare with me as I get a little sentimental here about our little girls who are only 3 1/2 months apart. They've been best friends since birth, regardless of whether their mom's had anything to do with that or not!:) DSC_0362 IMG_2038  IMG_2072 IMG_2805  IMG_3783 Love you Sarah and so, so proud of you and all of your hard work!IMG_4605 IMG_4648IMG_4701 And finally, I can't believe it's already that time again! We're headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend with the same crew for pic #2. Calder's gonna be a peeeeecock!