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Online Video Campaign: UMS-Wright It was such an honor to produce this video for UMS-Wright Preparatory School. The entire school says this prayer every day, and we thought it would be the perfect script for the video. We tried our best to capture the heart, soul and spirit of this wonderful school. We spent 2 1/2 days shooting this, and we'll use the rest of the footage for the upcoming series so stay tuned.

Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the help of many people:

A huge thanks to the AMAZING and TALENTED Cari Searcy with All Good Creatives. Cari did all of the video production and she has the patience of Job. We've worked together for over a year now (and have completed over 15 videos thus far!) She's become a dear friend and is such a joy to work with — not to mention that she's unbelievably good at what she does. Also, thank you to Cari's assistant and sound control expert, Adam Anderson (far left). Adam puts up with our endless ideas and crazy schedules so well. Here we all are with football phenom and UMS grad Jay Prosch.


Thank you to UMS's amazing duo - Julie Otts and Meridy Jones - for ALL of your planning and support. I ADORE these two ladies, and they make our job so much easier and FUN! Thanks to Matt Damico at Day 6 Entertainment for recording over a dozen UMS students in the sound booth for their "voice recording field trip." They loved this!


Thank you to the UMS-Wright teachers, students, parents and alumni for participating in this video campaign. YOU are what makes this school so special, and we loved meeting and getting to know so many of you! Stay tuned. This is just the beginning ...

And finally, I had to share Meridy's sweet comments below. There's nothing better than receiving emails like these from happy clients:

Hadley, From the trustees to the parents to the students to the Public - ALL are in awe of our new school video. The positive feedback and compliments to you and your team have been endless. You truly captured the heart and soul of UMS-Wright. You and Cari are so gifted, and we can't wait until our next adventure. Congratulations on winning the state championship of video land — you hit this one out of the park!