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New Branding: Chapel Farm Collection

CFC_branding_022814I just finished this branding board for Chapel Farm Collection. Chapel Farm Collection is a carefully curated assortment of antiques, jewelry, and vintage gifts discovered by a mother and her two daughter-in-laws. Many more details coming soon about this project and lots of surprises ahead.

As a designer, there's nothing more rewarding than stepping back from a project and thinking, Wow, this is so them. After a lot of hard work and several rounds of concepts, that's exactly how I feel about this branding board. I think we finally nailed it. The "Chapel Farm" font was designed by one of the Pilot's close family friends years ago, who has since passed away. It was very important to them to integrate this font into the new design. The steeple is a replication of the beautiful steeple at Chapel Farm (see below). There are many other hidden meanings throughout the entire design, which makes it that much more special.


Check out how gorgeous Chapel Farm is. The entire time I was there during our first brainstorming session, I couldn't help but feel the Lord's presence there—in a very strong way. It only seemed right that He was represented in the identity of this new business. I'm truly honored to work with this fabulous Pilot trio, Jeanna, Jordan and Brooke. Website coming soon, but for now check out their facebook page.

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More on this fun project and new business coming soon. Word is that they'll be hosting a show at their fabulous barn the weekend of March 14 during Fairhope's Arts and Crafts weekend. We will be some busy, busy bees until then!

Chapel Farm Collection

_1-12-25-16 Well, I dropped the ball on blogging about a branding board this week  (typical), but I do plan on posting something early next week.

Yesterday, I had such a fun brainstorming session with a new client, Chapel Farm Collection. Much more coming soon: New branding, stationery system, website, blog, and more. For now, you can like them on their facebook page.