latelydec13Here are some snapshots from my computer and what I've been working on lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY grateful to be so busy, but these days I can barely come up for air. Whew! It's been such a huge blessing, but burning the candle on both ends can only continue for so long...especially when chasing a toddler around is my #1 priority! That being said, I'm thinking about hiring an assistant or maybe a summer graphic design intern. I don't know all of the details yet but will post more info soon, so please keep your ears open or contact me if you're interested.

My business has been growing steadily for a while now, and I figure, like my dad has been telling me: "you have to grow with it too, Hadley." I'm realizing (or maybe more like it's slapping me in the face)...I can't do it all my own. It's hard to give up control or trust that anyone else can help, BUT I know it's the truth. I'm praying for balance and the ability to say "no." Remember that girl who talked about white space and balance? I need to find her again!

To be continued soon...