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New Branding: Friends of the Delta

branding1 Whew. Life has been crazy lately. I feel like we've been going 90-to-nothing, and as much as I love being busy, I'm ready for some slow-down time. I can't wait to spend Thanksgiving in Chattanooga with our entire fam. Oh, to be away from the computer for a few days with nothing to do but sit around, eat good food, talk and laugh with the people I love, eat more good food and of course, play with our Calder-bear!

I can't wait.

On another (somewhat related) note, I'm going to try to take the time to share some of my recent design projects on the blog. I haven't blogged about a lot of my work because I've been so busy working on new projects. Every time I think about blogging, another deadline gets priority...OR I attempt to begin writing, but my brain is so fried it literally makes NO SENSE. Yes, I know, my typos are out of control these days! Needless to say, all of my clients are very special to me and deserve their own post(s)...hopefully some day soon I will have time to share the stories, sweat and tears that went into each project. My goal is to post at least one branding board a week, so here goes...

DeltaFriends_Branding-Board Here's a recent branding design I did for the Friends of the Delta, which is a group of folks who work together to promote a new National Park in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. See the website here. A new website is currently in the works. It was such a fun project to be a part of, and I can't wait to see what the Friends of the Delta do to help promote and restore our beautiful Mobile Delta.


It was a true honor to be a part of this project. We explored many logo options (many is an understatement) because the Delta means so many different things to everyone, but in the end, we chose the father and son image above. I loved learning about our Mobile Delta on a three hour morning boat ride with Bill Finch. Bill is the Mobile Botanical Gardens executive director and the Press-Register’s garden writer—and he was an amazing guide to say the least. He taught me so much about this incredible treasure we have right here in Mobile Bay. Did you know we're getting a National Park in 2016? Pretty amazing to be a part of this project—and it's these times I'm reminded how much I love my job.