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Office Demo Round 1: Bloom Where You're Planted

bloom-HBD_736After months of searching for a new office space and/or a new home, it's official. We're staying put for now, and have chosen to bloom where we are planted!

I've outgrown my home office (which is a part of the kitchen) and just need more space away from the central traffic area of the home. View my current office here and here. So after looking at many homes on the market and weighing all of our options, we've decided to stay put and we're turning our storage shed (which is luckily connected to the house) into my office. The storage shed is where Bruner's tools and lawn equipment were stored, so we bought a free-standing storage shed from Lowes and put it in the backyard, and everything has been we're ready to start the process TODAY! Turns out he likes his new and improved space much more, so it's a win-win situation! The same awesome handyman/contractor we used for the previous home office project and our kitchen renovation (and everything else we've ever done) is doing this project as well. I trust him and know he's capable of everything I want and more, which makes this so much easier.

The room currently has no AC and will have to be completely gutted, along with the half bath it connects to, so we've got a project on our hands that's for sure! We're definitely doing this on a budget, yet at the same time, making sure we design a space that I can work in for years to come as well. The room has a door with direct access to the driveway (which will be so much easier when I come and go from appointments throughout the day). In the end, I am still home, which was the most important thing to me.

Designing your own office space from scratch is fun. I have the floor plan ready to go, and I'm finalizing the details this week as they're busy gutting the room and rewiring it, etc. We're adding a window, which will make this little room come alive. Natural light is so important, especially when you're designing things all day long! I've been pouring myself over Pinterest and my decorating binders for ideas and inspiration. It's going to the perfect space for HBD, and I'm so thankful we had this as an option.

Much more coming soon. Here's a peak at some of my inspiration....




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Stay tuned! Half bathroom renovation details coming well as some current pictures of the storage room, which may scare you!