2014 here we come

calderfave Happy NEW Year! I'm still working on my resolution list...I've never been that big on New Year resolutions, but this year I AM coming up with a list. Just like everyone else, I do have many goals this year—there are some changes I want to make in my life in 2014—both personal and work-related. But one of my #1 goals this year is to slow down. To take a deep breath....this is the GOOD stuff. I want to continue to work with JOY and passion, and to not be overcome by deadlines, emails, to-do lists and STRESS. I want to soak life in slowly. I want to savor it ALL and I want to be full. More details on this coming soon.

That being said, I had to share this picture of our Calder-bear on Christmas morning. She brings such immeasurable, pure JOY to our lives, and I cannot believe she turns TWO in just 4 short days. January 5, 2012 will always be the most special day of our lives thus far. This time last year I was planning Calder's 1st birthday party (see blog post here). I can't believe it's been a year. Time and life for that matter, has been in speed-mode since then. While her 1st bday party was so fun (and let's be honest. exhausting too), we're doing it a little different this year. We're going to have a "Calder-day" with just use 3, and will make sure it's a fun-filled day with our girl. We'll go and do whatever she wants (probably end up at the zoo, the park, coldsnap for yogurt, you name it..it will be a GREAT day), and then we'll have cake and celebrate with our family later in the day. It will be VERY laid-back and perfect for us now.

cbear Here's us on September 13, 2013, celebrating 5 years of marriage ... 5yr And flashback to our rehearsal dinner—despite the wrinkles, new hair color (which is currently more like the pic below...I know, I caved!), and darker circles under our eyes, etc.— this night still seems like yesterday. What a fun ride it's been and I pray 2014 is the best yet. 1967_577962137146_3322_n

And finally, on an unrelated yet very-related note, our wonderful preacher, Brad Goode, asked me to design several prints featuring this verse from Josh 24:15. Brad and his amazing wife Rachel (check out her blog Heirs with Christ) have been SUCH a blessing to our church and to our family. Brad's always coming up new, fresh ideas and of course, I'm honored to help him every chance I can. Given it was the holidays, I literally threw this together in less than 30 minutes, BUT, It was perfect timing for me, and just what I needed to frame and hang up in our home. serve serve2 I hope your 2014 is full of gratitude and joy. Thank you Lord for a fresh start every morning. You make all things new, all the time.